Reward and Retention Strategy

Finding great people is futile if you can’t keep them on board. Often clients come to us because they are losing staff and need to replace them. Rather than repeat this cycle, we’ll help you put in place the strategy and processes to motivate and retain your best people


  • Are you putting new hires at risk by focusing on their utilisation from day one, without setting them up for success?
  • How do permanent employees differ from associates in their expectations when they join your consultancy?
  • How should you invest in building your culture to ensure people working remotely feel connected and part of the team?


  • What targets should you set for different grades and roles within your team, and how should you reward achievement?
  • How should your remuneration strategy evolve as your business matures?
  • How can you reward individual contribution within a collaborative, team-orientated culture?


  • What training and development should you give your people, to equip them with the skills and motivation to succeed?
  • How do you identify and develop future leaders?
  • Why are people leaving your business?
  • What can you do differently at all stages of the employee lifecycle to reduce churn?

OK, I’m interested. What do I do now?
1:1 Consultation

Perhaps you are thinking about what your organisation structure needs to look like in 12 or 24 months, or maybe you are struggling to hire a key member of your team and need some advice.

Whatever you need, we’ll do our best to help.

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